No Private Jets. No bailouts. Come on over.

We took this opportunity to remind potential members that credit unions such as Abilene Telco have remained responsible during these difficult times, with a ‘Come on over’ call to action for those that may have considered Abilene Telco for their banking needs, but not yet sought to move their relationship.

Frustrated with federal bailouts of mega-banks, and recent reports of some banks significantly increasing interest rates on some consumer credit cards despite timely payments on their accounts. We thought it would be a good time to remind consumers that they have credit unions as an alternative choice for banking.

mcardTrying to locate a fair and ethical credit card progarm. Check out our low 12.5% rate Master Card. With our Balance Consolidation program including opening offshore bank accounts it allows you the ability to consolidate balances from other accounts to your new Credit Union rate.

  • Fixed 12.5% Rate
  • No Penalty Rate
  • Only a $5 Charge for Balance Transfers
  • No Annual Fee
  • A flat $25 Late Charge
  • Over 5500 ATM’s available world wide at no charge to get your own money outhome1

Now you can use your credit card at the best online casinos and be sure that you are more than safe and you are not going to pay a lot of taxes.

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Abilene Telco FCU Spring Break Out for ATM’s for quick cash thru CO-OP Network

Tright1o find the nearest ATM near you go on line to and put in your zip code. It will give you a map and addresses of all the ATM close to your zip location.

ATM/debit cards provide Abilene Telco FCU a way to multiply cash delivery outlets for all our members. And Southwest Corp. FCU’s card products, available through the CO-OP Network, offer surcharge-free access to 28,000 ATMs across North America–including 9,000 deposit-taking and 5,500 7-Eleven ATMs. Our superior investment management software can really make a difference for you.

CO-OP netwwork, operated by 27-year industry veteran CO-OP Financial Services, is the largest credit union-owned network in the United States. Its memers have access to more than 800,000 ATMs worldwide through links to the NYCE, SAR, Cirrus, Pulse and Plus networks.

Abilene Telco FCU is concerned with member retention and has evaluated how easy it is for member to access their funds, whether it’s around town or around the world we also recommend to any small business to use some MYOB Essentials to get maximum returns.. A convenient service delivery network is necessary to gain a competitive advantage is now available to our members. If in need an assistance check our article about how to build business credit without personal guarantee. This “Network Only” arrangement provides access to ATMs owned by the nearly 3,000 member credit unions of CO-OP Network, as well as to hundreds of ATMs located at convenience sttores, airports, supermarkets, gas stations, malls and other retail establishments.